The number one cause of failure in getting a body and life you love stems from following destructive advice and ways of thinking that you've picked up from the conventional health and fitness industry, culture, and/or the dieting industry. This assessment evaluates how infected you are with "dieting dogma" and clearly explains why the advice you've bought into is destructive. Lastly, we'll show you what you can do to escape the programming and build a solid foundation for future success so you can finally get and keep a body and life you love!
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Part One: Advice Assessment

The first part of this assessment uses simple statements that you should either agree or disagree with based on your best understanding at the time. There are no trick questions or attempts to fool you or confuse you. Simply answer honestly.
Weight loss is all about calories-in versus calories-out. It's important to eat less and move more. *

It's important to eat fat consistently, especially saturated fats. *

It's important to eat a balanced diet including daily servings of whole grains and heart-healthy vegetable oils. *

Failure to stay consistent with healthy lifestyle habits can be attributed to a lack of willpower or discipline. *

It's important to track your food intake, otherwise you have no measurement for how much you're eating versus how much you need to eat. *

It's important to weigh yourself often, otherwise you won't be accurately tracking your progress and you could get discouraged. *

It's important to moderate your eating using techniques like portion control or by using willpower and discipline to stay away from certain foods or at least limit their intake. *

Cardio is very important for reducing body fat. Running, triathalon training, or cardio boot camps are highly beneficial ways of getting in shape and staying in shape. *

It aids your metabolism to eat many small meals throughout the day. It's important to not go long stretches without food. *

Juices and smoothies are a fantastic way to get more nutrients into your body, improve your health, detox, and lose weight. *

Part 2: Assessing Some of Your Thoughts & Actions

The second part of the assessment focuses on your thoughts and actions. You will be presented with statements that you should mark either true or false. There is no judgement or moralization associated with your answers. Don't try to outthink the assessment or answer how you believe you should answer. Simply answer truthfully.
I have cut out one or more of the following macronutrients in an effort to achieve some goal: fats, carbs, proteins. *

I believe that my lack of success can be attributed in large part to a lack of self-control, motivation, or discipline (or all of the above). *

I rely on frozen healthy dinners, healthier fast food options, or low fat options when I am in a pinch. *

If I'm ever going to succeed, I'm probably going to have to cut out a lot of my favorite foods. And I have no idea how I'm going to do that long-term or even if I'm willing to. *

I deprive myself of certain foods when I've made bad choices and reward myself with certain foods when I've made good choices. When I eat a bad food I exercise more the following day to make up for it. *

I think I eat too much, but sometimes it feels like I don't eat enough. I 've tracked my calories, but I'm not sure if my target number is accurate. I generally feel confused about my calorie intake. *

I have tried 3 or more dieting programs in my lifetime. *

I have 3 or more pieces of exercise equipment, or health and fitness products, going unused in my home right now. *

I've been successful in the past following meal plans. I just need someone to tell me what to eat and how much to eat and then I feel confident. *

I've been successful when someone was pushing me to succeed, such as a personal trainer. I need someone to hold me accountable long-term or I will never be successful. *

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